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Friday, March 14, 2014

Week in Review

Yay! It's Friday morning. Weekends don't exactly mean what they used to now that we have little kids, but I still get excited out of habit. We've had a full week around here and I didn't manage to blog at all, so here's a quick run-down of the highlights from the past 4 days.

On Monday the kids and I had a front row seat to watch our neighbors cut down a huge pine in their backyard, which provided entertainment all of the afternoon and even into the evening. These guys weren't shy about pulling up their lawn chairs to enjoy an elevated view from the treehouse. 

On Tuesday we drove to meet Daddy at the river for lunch. Yes it was shorts weather! B Daddy was showing off his rock-skipping skills and only one of our children managed to get thoroughly soaked in the river (Blue Eyes). BTW Chick-fil-A is no longer a cheap lunch for this family of 5. We are going to have to lower our standards a bit now that all three kids can put away some serious food. 

On Wednesday my sister in law (who is back in town for a few weeks from Ecuador, yippee!) came and took my children for 24 blessed hours. I promptly skipped off to my happy place to use a gift card that has been languishing in my wallet since Christmas. I might have spent a tiny bit more than the gift card. I'm pregnant - when something looks cute on me, I feel obligated to buy it. 

On Thursday I slept in. At some point after I woke, I put on my new extremely comfortable maxi dress and then the kids came home.

Today is Friday. I am finally 20 weeks pregnant - woot woot! We are playing with stickers and hitting the gym. Putting away laundry and having light saber duels. Cleaning the playroom and making PB&Js. A very typical, very beautiful kind of Friday. 

Hope you have some fun planned for your weekend! Love you all so much and thanks for reading. 

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