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Friday, May 3, 2013

Simple Pleasures

It's been a good day. We've stayed at the house all day long - which 2 years ago would have made me feel like a complete failure at life as well as driven me insane - but today it has been awesome.

A few things of note:

- The kids slept in. 7:20 for Sweet B, 7:45 for Squirt, 9:00 for Blue Eyes. It was glorious.

- I had a neighbor over for coffee and a play date and actually enjoyed multiple conversations that were not interrupted by screaming or whining.

- I gathered two eggs from the hens this morning. B Daddy and I started an egg count since the hens really started laying in ernest this week. We're up to 11 eggs since Sunday.

- I've walked past a wooden hot dog lying on the floor of the dining room for at least 5 days now without stopping to pick it up.

- Squirt and I read the book that sparked my decade-long love affair with archaeology this morning. It was one of those moments where you realize your life is SO FREAKING blessed you want to hit pause and marinate for a while.

- I found a sippy cup at the bottom of the kids' laundry hamper a few minutes ago. I prayed it was full of water. It was not.

- The kids were playing so nicely with one another after lunch I couldn't bear to break up the fun at nap time. They are only just now asleep (3pm) and that means they surely will not be ready for bed at 7:30. It was worth it.

- Tonight is Friday which means our new tradition of picking up a $5 pizza and doing something fun with the kids. It looks like rain, so we'll probably roll the coffee table off the rug and have a picnic and watch a movie in the living room. You know I love to cook, but I also love not cooking.

Happy Friday! I hope you enjoyed some simple pleasures of your own today.

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