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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kiddo Update #2

I finally upgraded to the iphone 4 this month. In doing a final transfer of all the pictures on my old phone to the computer, I found a few worth sharing. Here they are, along with the ubiquitous kid update.

The Squirt
He was wearing a Spiderman t-shirt in 98% of the pictures from this month. Thanks again to cousin Grayson for giving him plenty of options when it comes to superhero wear. 

Question of the week: "Mom, where does the poop go when you flush it down the toilet?" Great question buddy. Ask your dad. 

Special Skills: Wall crawling, web slinging, songwriting

Likes: Pancakes, Spiderman, tattling, playing guitar

Dislikes: short socks, ripped jeans, bedtime

Sweet B
We're potty training this sweet girl (s l o w l y) which means lots of quality time spent in the confined quarters of the hall bathroom. 

Quote of the week: "Mommy my tee tee no gooooooing!" Usually said in a distressed voice .2 seconds after sitting down. I've heard Squirt encourage her more than once, "sweetie you have to be patient." I die. We spend a lot of time in the bathroom these days, can you tell?

Special skills: Silent exit of her crib and stealth observation of mommy. I've nearly had a heart attack twice this week during my quiet time. She sneaks down the hallway and stands a few feet off, in the dark recess of the dining room and quietly waits for me to notice her. It's creepy.

Likes: Green smoothies, wrestling with Daddy, bubbles, drama

Dislikes: Hair bows, authority

Blue Eyes
I am just LOVING this little guy.  I love all of my children dearly - but Blue Eyes doesn't whine or hit the other kids yet, so he's a bit easier to love ALL the time. Plus, those EYES! I am taken aback every time I see them. 

Quote of the week: "Ma ma." Definitely said while looking in my direction. I'll take it.

Special Skills: Cruising around the coffee table.

Likes: Food, especially banana and almond butter sandwiches. Bath time, balls and tickling.

Dislikes: Bottles - I think we'll be giving up formula for good before his first birthday. Yeah for a mini-raise!


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  2. What I wouldn't give to get our six kiddos together for some play time!! Oh the joys that would ensue!! Miss you friend and thanks for the update on your kids! Reminds me to do the same. :) Love you girl!


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