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Thursday, January 31, 2013

His Big 3-0

This past weekend we hosted a party for B Daddy to usher in his 30th year.

It was lovely not because of anything in particular that we did - but because so many friends and family came to celebrate B Daddy. I LOVE being surrounded by everyone I love (or lots of them at least). I'm an extrovert. I love social occasions and find excuses to host parties and get folks together. But my introverted hubs loved it too. It helped that there was good beer and people brought presents for him.

A few people have asked how I got everything done and so there's a second post coming (eventually) where I'll wax poetic about hospitality and throwing great parties...I'm an expert you know.

Our sweet friend Amy took pictures for me so I could enjoy myself.

Spoiler alert: my basic recipe for a great party = great food + great people. You can never go wrong.

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