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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Decking the Halls

This year I was determined not to spend a penny on Christmas decorations. Well, besides the money I've already spent buying fabric to make stockings for the kids. (Update: that is SO not happening in the next 7 days.) So given that restriction, we have a half-lit tree (curse you lights that go dark in the middle of the night!) a half-lit garland around the front door and several other half-decorated rooms in the home. But I'm going to show you my newly decked halls anyway.

I just wasn't feeling the tree skirt we've had for the past seven years so I begged my sister to loan me these coffee sacks she had laying around her basement. Score!

Even if it's only 2/3 lit up now, there is something magical to me about walking out of my bedroom in the dark winter morning and catching a sight of this twinkling tree. It ain't fancy (exhibit A: coffee sacks above...) That's not really how we roll. Ours is covered in meaningful and handmade ornaments from mine and B Daddy's childhood as well as a rapidly growing contingency of sticker-laden and crayon-adorned construction paper beauties by Squirt and Sweet B.

Our stockings are hung by the chimney with care - only 4 this year because I bailed on the stocking project. (But my fabric is SO cute, maybe I'll show you in March or April.) Blue Eyes will have to share. Seeing as how the only thing in his stocking will likely be a toothbrush, that should work out just fine. 

I LOVE having a mantle to decorate!! This is only our second year with a mantle and because the TV sits so low on the wall, I don't have room to go crazy, but the evergreen branches were free and I love the natural look. I always snag as many cast-offs as possible (with permission) from wherever we buy our tree and then scatter them around the house wherever we could use their amazing pine scent and Christmas cheer.

Our Christmas cards are hung from this shelf right above the couch where we can all see our sweet family and friends smiling back at us. I LOVE ME SOME CHRISTMAS CARDS. If you're reading this, please put me on your list and send me a card. I. love. them. They stay up year round to remind us how blessed we are and to remember to pray for y'all. I mean, you know you need it.

This little baby was a great-grandparent crafty gift FAIL. It looks okay up on a high shelf, but up close it's a hot mess. Ah well. We'll keep it and send pictures of the kids like we always do instead. 

Jingle bells on the playroom door help me keep track of the rug rats AND look festive. Bonus points.
Of course the nativity gets a special display spot front and center. This version is from Southern Living at Home. I have another Willow Tree nativity that is beautiful as well, but this year I lost my will to decorate a bit and the Southern Living one made it out of the attic first. Does anyone have a kid friendly nativity? I was dying for this Little People version, but $57.95?? Cough cough. I think my kids can just continue to look and not touch for a while.

Christmas books brighten up and "seasonalize" the bookshelves.

 Some rosettes made out of scrap linen fancy up this fake wreath just enough for the dining room.

I love Christmas cards so much I keep and display ours from years' past in a shadow box. What happened to those little babies!?! 

Whether your Christmas tree is real or fake, a 12 foot behemoth or a table-top tiny, full of twinkling lights or maybe only 2/3 lit...we hope your holidays are merry and bright this year! 


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    1. Thanks Ash! You seriously need to start blogging again. I'm in withdrawal from healthy recipes and sweet kiddo updates.

  2. Beautiful decor! I really love the flour sacks as your tree skirt! That is such a great idea. Merry Christmas.

    1. Thanks Allyson! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


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