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Monday, November 5, 2012

How Do You Keep Up With Your Kids' Clothes?

First of all, let me start off by saying I know this is a VERY first-world rich person kind of problem I'm dealing with here. So yes, I realize it's a my-wallet-is-too-small-for-all-my-fifties kind of thing (thank you Chandler Bing) but it's a problem nonetheless.

My kids' closets are always a MESS.

Despite all three having fairly limited wardrobes and a pretty organized system of where everything goes...between outgrowing items of clothing overnight and the seasonal seems like every time I send the Squirt to get dressed he comes back in something too long, too tight, too short or too "summery" (if it's winter...) And it's absolutely NOT this little 3 year old's fault. It's just that the stuff he's outgrown or hasn't grown into yet is jumbled in with the "now" stuff and also with this past summer's stuff and it's a big ole hot mess.

I have bins in the boy's closet labeled "too small" and "too big" so I can theoretically put items in them or pull items from them throughout the season...but I don't really actually make use of them.

With every seasonal change I go through the process of hauling out each kid's clothing collections, trying stuff on, changing pieces out and then storing all the old stuff away in the attic until the next kid grows into it. I do this twice a year x 3 kids and it is SUCH A PAIN in the you-know-what.

Does anyone feel like they have a great handle on the kid clothing thing? Any great tips or pointers? I'm tired of the whole thing.


  1. Nope. No handle on it other than SELL IT. But, I can do that b/c I don't have the need for any more hand-me-downs :). My theory: divide and conquer. IE: if for any reason you don't think they'll wear it, like it, you don't like it or think they'll wear it - someone else will. So thrift it. :)

    1. The fact that my sis is having a boy is thrilling for this very reason! As soon as Blue Eyes outgrows anything - to Aunt Anna it goes!

  2. I have the same problem. I have huge storage bins I keep in our basement labeled with the size. So I have a bin just for 2T stuff and on down to NB and 0-3 month clothes. I try to pull things that don't fit them anymore and store them for the next kid. And for instance, the twins are in 2T stuff right now so I have the 2T bin in their closet and as the season changes, I just stuff warm weather clothes away and pull cool weather clothes out to replace them. The twins also share a dresser in their room: bottom drawer is for jammies, middle for pants and leggings, and top for shirts and tops. Their closet has dresses and clothes that need to be hung up. Because they wear things out so fast, it means we are constantly dealing with it which is why it's so annoying. Sorry friend, not sure my advice is very helpful.

    1. Sometimes it's just nice to know I'm not crazy and everyone deals with this kinda thing. #momprobs

  3. I keep a separate bin in the kids room that is ready clothes that are too small. As soon as that little bin is full I pull out the big bins and add it to the pile. That way when the kids outgrow something it goes straight into that box instead of back in the closet. I found that keeping those big bins in my eye sight just annoyed me about the clutter. We are so similar. I label everything. Zach likes to make fun of my OCD!


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