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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kiddo Update

Blue Eyes will be 6 months old next on Earth did that happen so quickly? An update for you on all three munchkins (you can compare with  one year ago if you are the curious kind).

The Squirt
This is classic. My little melancholy man. It's still rare for me to find a picture of him smiling, although I promise it does happen a lot in real life. 

Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Superhero: Captain America
Special Skills: Turning anything with wheels into a tow truck, getting dressed all by his big bad self
Likes: Chick-fil-A, wrestling, buckling up, the Georgia Bulldogs and the recycling truck
Dislikes: Learning about letters and numbers (and we're planning to homeschool?? Hmmm.), smiling on demand, macaroni and cheese
Notable quotations: "When Daddy and I get bigger and bigger we're going to be firemen."

 Sweet B
Again, classic shot. Trying to smother someone with her love language of physical touch. "Hug Ben! Huuuuuuuuug!"

Favorite Toy(s): Play kitchen and "Yegos" (Legos)
Likes: Smiling, screaming, milk, bath time 
Dislikes: Nap time, bedtime, hair bows, foods that are not carbohydrates
Most Endearing/Annoying Trait: Need/desire to be in someone's lap or arms at all times
Needs Improvement: Inside voice
Special skills: Bear hugs, downward dog (not sure where she learned this), calling the Dawgs

 #3/Benny Boo/Blue Eyes 
This is me and my Benjamin. He's a smiley, happy baby with the tendency to spontaneously spit up when a clean shirt is within close proximity. Yes that's a pregnancy test my five month old is holding and no, I'm not pregnant. Phew! 

Vital Statistics: almost 6 months old, 16 lbs (on the light side now), blue eyes (woo hoo!), balding
New skills: Eating solid food, holding toys (or pregnancy tests), sitting up
Likes: Siblings, kisses from Dakota, the exersaucer
Dislikes: Bath time

Exciting living room project in the works this weekend...and no it's not the couch slipcover! 


  1. So sweet, thank you for sharing. It's amazing how different each little one is. And good luck homeschooling - can't wait to hear all about it. We are stepping out for that adventure as well...


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