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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good Clean Fun

We leave this week for our first family vacation ever involving toddlers and airplanes...aren't you jealous? We are flying up to Michigan for a reunion with B Daddy's side of the family. I cannot wait to escape the heat and humidity that has been constant in Georgia since July began. 

Earlier this week the combination of heat, humidity and toddler insanity that I can only blame on the weird full-moon thing meant I was grasping at straws for toddler entertainment. Since I'm not great at handling messes, I striped them down, plopped them in the bathtub and then gave them finger paints. 

They started out putting paint on paper, but it didn't take Sweet B long to realize paint on skin was way more interesting. 

It was a hit and clean up was a cinch. If you are an anal-no-mess kind of mama like me, give it try! 


  1. Hey lady- you are totally slacking on that 30 before 30 list...and by that I mean, YOU GET TO CROSS STUFF OFF! Namely, #20, visit BJ's Family in MI. BAM. And there are a couple other ones. And here's a quote from a blog commenter if you are bummed for not completing everything (continue to cross stuff off list if it truly will enhance your life!!):

    "Last year, I finally studied my mind when I felt moments of severe self-criticism or stress. I noticed that the “to do list” was sitting there with all sorts of “unacquired” talents–failures. In this horrible list were: fluency in multiple languages, several musical instruments, a certain very fast running pace… I felt frustrated that I’d hit my mid-forties without achieving all of these.

    But then asked myself, what if I just got magically handed these talents and skills? I then realized I’d still do what I’m doing: work, feed and love my child, exercise as able, seek out my friends and family to just spend time. I wouldn’t go play in a band instead, or fly off to other countries just to use my language skills. I’d gotten this crazy life list from a demanding dad and a fancy education or who-knows-what.

    I realized that I didn’t have to be Buckaroo Banzai to be worthy to live. And that my life is simply lovely with work, family, friends, and caring for the health of all of these. All is so much better now."

  2. I commented on this post, since 30 under 30 was closed. :)

    Loved the finger painting!!!! Photos you will treasure!

    Back up your hard drive! ;)


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