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Thursday, January 5, 2012

On Pregnancy the Third Time Around

The mood I'm in is directly related to the stretchiness of my pants.

Tums are my new favorite dessert.

I get a LOT of stares when out and about with my littles. Not sure if they are meant to express judgment, admiration or sympathy.

Stretch marks DO come back.

I don't recall what it feels like to not be pregnant.

There is only one "belly" picture of me this time around.

I no longer sit on the floor or cushy couches if I can help it. It takes far too long to get back up.

I've become a laissez-faire kind of mama. A lot of the fight has left me. :)

I still drink coffee, eat deli meat and have the occasional glass of wine.

I still love to feel Baby Boy move.

I still make B Daddy put his hand on my belly each and every day to feel him.

I am still eager to meet this new little soul, to hold his tiny hands and smell his yummy head.

It is still a miracle.


  1. I got a lot of stares with my pregnancies too. I don't know if it was because they were so cute, or that #5 was coming and #1 was only 6...hmm, very close in age. I remember too, that if you had to get up from the floor, you did it like a cow, hind end up first, followed by the front. Sigh, these days will pass and you will look back on these miracles of life.

  2. My mood is also directly related to the stretchiness of my pants and I'm NOT pregnant. :)

  3. Amen to all of the above ;) I ate tums like they were candy with both my pregnancies! And yes, no matter if you do it once or 10 times, each time it's still a miracle :D

  4. Glad I'm not the only one Anna! And I love that you're on the Tums train with me Katy. :)


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