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Thursday, August 18, 2011

An Update on the Little Ones

It's Thursday and both B Daddy and I woke up wishing it were Friday. We're burnt out and ready for the weekend. So instead of pulling together and editing pics to update y'all on one of the half dozen almost done projects I have lying on the dining room table, I am going to take the lazy blogger's way out and write about my chilluns.

The Squirt
Likes: The Incredibles, riding his bike, Band Aids, bath time
Dislikes: all vegetables and most fruits, sharing
Favorite Color: blue (we're unsure if he is aware of other colors)
Favorite Food: Craisins
Newly Acquired Skills: climbing out of his crib, remembering song lyrics
Question of the Month: "How was your day Daddy?"
Best Feature: insanely deep brown eyes
Personality in a Nutshell: Adventurous Helper
Sweet B
Likes: anything edible, bottles, puzzles (strictly for chewing purposes)
Dislikes: having her diaper changed, riding in the car seat
Favorite Activity: swinging
Newly Acquired Skills: crawling and pulling up
Strangest Thing I've Found in Her Mouth: Dental floss
Best Feature: an infectious gummy smile
Personality in a Nutshell: Happy-Go-Lucky Gourmand

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  1. I think it's interesting that you voted the Squirt's best feature to be his deep, brown eyes. You know he got them from you, right? So why did you hate your brown eyes all those years as a kid????? I love that you see in your child what we saw all along while you were growing up--beautiful, deep brown eyes!!!!!


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