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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Home Sweet Home-work

So the second part of my New Year's resolution-ness deals with our little bungalow.

Not that our home is a's actually a cozy little ranch circa 1978. (I always laugh when I read magazines that advise you to keep the period of your home in mind as you decorate/re-model. Um, really? What exactly should I be keeping in mind from the late 1970s? Parquet flooring? Hunter green linoleum? All you designers help me out here.)

Well the Tyson's Corner Casa has needed some serious TLC for about 2 years, but between Dave and the Squirt...our priorities have been elsewhere. Now that we're humming along on Baby Steps 4 and 5 and not quite ready to tackle 6, we figured we could divert some cash to home decor and home improvements.

First up: the master bedroom.

We have been living sans-headboard since the day we moved in. Quite frankly it hasn't bothered me all that much. We have an amazingly comfortable bed (Original Mattress Factory is the way to go if you are looking for an incredible and affordable mattress!) and I'd rather spend my pennies on dinners out and handbags. But.... it has been on "the list" for 4+ years now. One of those things that we have been wanting to get around to.

Oh yeah, here's the list.

Some of these things I don't even care about anymore, but 3 years ago we made this list...and you can see the kind of progress we've made.

So I was totally thrilled to be able to strike one more item off the list last week when we finally purchased a grown-up headboard. Check out the before...during...and after!

Taken this summer sometime I believe...that baby on the bed is SO little!

Hmm...not quite the look we were going for. The blue tape is what we were envisioning.

A few hours of DIY later...yes, that's better.

One small step for DIY-ers everywhere, one giant leap for Casa Leipprandt. : )

Next up: Painting the house and a new front door! Stay tuned...


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