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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

B Daddy & E

I've come to realize and appreciate as of late that B Daddy parents differently than I do.

Not better. Not worse. Differently.

It's quite often a struggle for me to remember this. Differently Katie - differently.

Now naturally the way that I bathe Little E is the most efficient way to bathe a child and the way that I wake him up in the morning is the way that delights him most - but a father needs quality time too and the occasional book read in the wrong accent won't set him too far back in school I suppose.

But when it comes to playtime, B Daddy has me beat hands down. I love watching B play with his little boy.

Out hiking last weekend, we stopped for lunch about three miles into our trek. I promptly collapsed in a sweaty heap and told the boys to wake me when my break was over.

B on the other hand played this game for a good fifteen minutes just to make the little man smile.

Editor's Note: For those of you who followed along, a full summary of 9 Days, 11 Dollars is coming I promise.


  1. Ah yes, parenting differently...good wisdom for one so new to this game!
    Why can't I view the video? help me rhonda...

  2. Try watching it now...had a few bugs last night I was working through. I'm new at this!

  3. This is the cutest :) So glad Hubs will have so many good daddies to learn from.


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